Lampade di cestini di vimini

Walking around the town where I live I often look in the garbage to see if there are things I can use to create and recycling. One day I found a sack full of wicker baskets and could not resist the temptation to take them.

Wicker baskets

I didn’t know how to use them, but asking for advice in various Facebook groups (which deal with manual work and recycling), they advised me to create lamps. In fact, I made a wall of lamps for my terrace. I spray-painted them in different shades of blue and pierced the top to insert the solar-powered garland lights.

Wall of wicker baskets lamps

Then I create a chandelier combining and decorating three baskets. I cut the base so that the light bulb could fit in and used small wooden figures for decoration.

Wicker basket lamp
Wicker basket lamp

How do they look to you? I’m waiting for your comments.

Remember: Recycling is better than polluting.