quadri realizzati con polistirolo

I love mozzarella, that Bufala Campana DoC, but I live in Spain and I can hardly enjoy its flavor.

But when friends or relatives come to visit me, they know perfectly that without the package of mozzarella from Campania, I will not receive them.

The package consists of a polystirene box that allows the product to remain fresh for the duration of the journey.

Now, would someone like me ever throw those beautiful polystyrene boxes? The answer is obviously no. So I thought about making pictures with lids.

White polystyrene food box

I made the first painting using sand, glitter, a branch of a plant, and a stone collected from the sea. The frame was made with black fabric leather from an old jacket and two small belts made from a pair of boots.

Picture with a rose

I made the second painting with sand, natural stones, some rhinestones and mussel shells. To glue I used liquid glue. The frame is in black leather.

Picture with a butterfly

The third painting I made with natural stones, sand, small twigs and for the frame the usual black leather of the old jacket.

Picture with flowers
Polystyrene picture with stones and sand

How do they look like to you? I have adorned an empty wall of my home according to my personal taste. Do you want to try it?

Recycle, create and free your inner art.