Collage di quadretti realizzato con materiale riciclato

Do you know the wooden shrimp boxes?

Shrimp box

I had the idea of ​​turning them into pictures, of different colors and styles.

Collage of little pictures

Let’s see how I were made them.

The first one I painted it black with spray paint and then I attached lots of colorful butterfly-shaped glitter with liquid glue.

The second consists of two boxes painted in silver and black tones, then I attached with hot glue some twigs collected in a wood, to these I added small plastic shells and finally I gave them light with a battery-operated garland.

Little picture with tree drawing

The third one I colored it green and I hot glued colored stones that light up at night.

The fourth represents two lovers swinging on a swing attached to the moon. The moon is made with small colorful glitters, attached with liquid glue.

The fifth, white in color, represents a tree and is made with small jewel stones. Since the stones were a little heavier than the glitter, I had to use hot glue.

Little picture with plant drawing

The sixth of blue color represents a plant whose leaves are formed by small colored glitter, attached with liquid glue.

The seventh, black in color, is a tree made up of many small sparkling stones also attached with liquid glue.

The last one has a “volcanic” stone background onto which I have attached the leaves of an artificial plant.

Small painting with Leaves Volcan

If you want to make your pictures with wooden boxes used for food, I suggest you wash them with bleach, wait for them to dry and finally let your imagination run wild.

Recycle, create and free your inner art.