pinterest written

When I’m looking for some ideas, the first app I use is Pinterest. I find it very useful, especially the many tutorials from which I learned some drawning techniques.

One of my first “shell paintings” was inspired by an image found on Pinterest.

I started it during the spring 2020 lock-down, using the shells and other adornments I had available at the time.

Here is the result!

Shell framework by Recicl-art

For the base I used a recycled shelf from an old wardrobe. The frame is given by white paint and a white thread. I used a scallop shell and others of different sizes and types. To complete some clumps of a plant typical of the Valencian Community and gemstones. For the lighter objects I used liquid glue, for the heavier ones, hot silicone.

How does it look to you? Why don’t you try to make it? Send me your “artwork” in the comments.