candle holders

Who doesn’t like going to Ikea? perhaps to men…. but I would go there every day!!

The last time I went, apart from buying scented candles and a compound for plants, I also bought some jars in the outlet corner.

I like to buy cheap glass jars and turn them into unique objects, thanks to the use of paint, stickers and other decorations.

Ikea's Jar

I transformed this jar into a candle holder. First I painted it black with some white shades, using spray paint. Then I adorned it with stickers and the piecies of a torn fabric . The flowers were made by recycling a broken necklace.

Broken nacklace

And here is the jar transformed into a unique and original candle holder.

Black candle holder

Another jar I bought is:

Ikea's jar

I transformed this vase into a candle holder using blue spray paint and lots of glitter of different colors and sizes.

Here is the result:

Glamorous candle holder

Finally I bought a simple glass candle holder and I changed the color and adorned it with stickers.

A glass and a black candle.

What are you waiting for to create unique objects for your home? Create, recycle and free your inner art.