In this post I will try to explain how I make the recycled candles that decorate my home.

Let’s start with the material: vegetable soy wax and recycled wax from blown out candles, candle wicks, pigments in sticks and essences. Candle wicks can be  handmade (you will find many tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest).

Execution: the wax is heated in the saucepan and add the added. In this case I have added the pink and blue colors.

At this point I added the essence.

You can mix pigments and essences to give a unique touch to your candles. When the wax and pigment have dissolved completely, you can pour them into the containers you like. To hold the wicks, use clothes pins.

Here are some pictures of homemade candles using different vessels and different pigments.

1. Tin Can

2. Jars

3. Yogurt pot

4. Recycled Ikea candles

5. Various containers

What do you think? Try it and send me the photos in the comments.

Recycling is better than polluting!