diffusori di essenze

Who doesn’t like having a home scented with essences?

There are many essences on the market, some even soluble with affordable prices. But often the essences diffusers are simple and cheap, or decorative but a little more expensive.

The solution? Recycle containers that are suitable for use, paint and decorate them as you see fit and voila!

I realized three essence diffusers for my home.

For the first, obtained from a recycled container of spices, I used acrylic paint, dried flowers and a piece of jute.

Essences diffusers

For the next one, I used an artificial sand container, decorating it in the same style as the previous one.

Essences diffusers

The last one I made using a small bottle of essences and painted it with glass paint, some nail stickers and a “necklace” of pendants from a broken bracelet.

Essences diffusers

In this way I recycled, saved and created unique and personalized items to my furniture. But most of all I enjoyed making them. Try it! Send me your creations in the comments.

Remember: recycling is better than polluting.